For your consideration: GRAMMY Ballot

Our new album All The Dreams is on the first round of voting for the 59th GRAMMY Awards.

f you are a voting member please consider casting your vote :
Category 32:
Best Jazz Vocal Album
#084: All The Dreams
by Sara Serpa & André Matos
The album is available for full streaming until November 5th at:
Here is what the press has been saying about All The Dreams:
“..the chemistry and team work are close to perfect. Matos’ delicate lyrical electric guitar, intricate and hypnotic is the perfect foil to Serpa’s mostly wordless vocals, which are cool, calm and precise.” DownBeat Magazine
“...the prolific  Serpa has established herself as a master of wordless soundscapes (…) she is a marvel of continuous reinvention(…) JazzTimes
Serpa and Matos are sophisticated musicians, concocting a genre all their own, one that borrows from many – jazz, pop, Brazil and elsewhere – but is beholden to none.
Irish Times
“(…) decidedly otherworldly and totally original”
The Classical Arts
Their music is art at the point where minimalism and cangiante merge, resulting in an otherworldly sound that’s utterly enthralling and completely unique.” All About Jazz
Their style is so simple and yet so unique.  All The Dreams is music in its purest form (…)” Jazzarium
” With elegance and subtlety, Serpa and Matos have developped a refined and balanced dialogue. A partnesrhip that not only is the sum of their talents, but a perfect musical union”
O Público

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