DownBeat and JazzTimes reviews

“All The Dreams” , the new album of Sara Serpa & André Matos received a 4 stars review on DownBeat Magazine and a review on JazzTimes Magazine.

…the chemistry and team work are close to perfect (…) Mato’s delicate, lyrical electric guitar, intricate and hypnotic, is the perfect foil for Serpa’s mostly wordless vocals, which are cool, calm and precise”. Allen Morrison, DownBeat

The prolific Serpa (six albums in nine years) has established herself as a master of wordless soundscapes, usually shaped with either of two intuitively sympathetic compatriots: pianist Ran Blake or her husband, Brazilian guitarist André Matos. Yet for all her consistency in style, approach and partners, Serpa is also a marvel of continuous reinvention.(…) the prevailing atmosphere remains gentle and soothing, with just the subtlest, infrequent hints of discord, darkness or urgency.” Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

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