“All The Dreams” available now

Our new album “All The Dreams” is out now and available to purchase on Sunnyside Records. We are extremely happy to share this music with you. Buy the new album here.

Below some reviews about the album:

“All the Dreams is a stunning album.  It’s not groundbreaking.  There are no real fireworks.  It’s not especially inventive or forward-thinking.  It doesn’t bottle up music of the past to give it life in the present day.  But by simply settling into a gorgeous melody and channeling every facet of it to its extreme, the duo of vocalist Sara Serpa and guitarist André Matos have unleashed an album of such beauty it can move aside mountains like a sunrise wanting more space for its bright light.  And just like that sunrise, the power is generated through subtlety and grace, seeming almost effortless as its presence envelops the entire horizon and everything within its reach.” From Bird is the Worm Blog Read more here.


“There may be no combination better capable of painting and promoting aural iridescence than that of vocalist Sara Serpa and guitarist André Matos. The work they’ve produced together, both on their first duo album—Primavera (Inner Circle Music, 2014)—and on this alluring outing, pits consistency against the transient nature of sonic coloration in understated yet spectacular fashion. Their music is art at the point where minimalism and cangiante merge, resulting in an otherworldly sound that’s utterly enthralling and completely unique.”Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz.  Read more here

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