All The Dreams- out next week

capa .all the dreams

Our new album “All The Dreams” will be out next week, September 16th, on Sunnyside Records!

Click here to read more about it.

CD Release Concert will be at Joe’s Pub on September 15th, 9.30pm

As with Primavera – which All About Jazz lauded for being “sonically lustrous,” with an “intricate melodic sense” – the new All the Dreams glimmers with luminous melodicism and magical atmosphere, the music again casting a spell. The sound of All the Dreams mixes the organic and the electronic seamlessly, with Serpa & Matos playing multiple acoustic and electric instruments along with using the studio as an instrument; several tracks also feature Billy Mintz on drums and Pete Rende on ambient, Eno/Budd-like synthesizers. Along with Serpa’s signature wordless vocalese and the duo’s own lyrics, there are songs that draw on words of great poets, both Portuguese and English. Atmosphere and image, poetry and melody – this is the stuff of which All the Dreams is made.

The title of the album comes from its lovely song “Nada,” which features universalist lines by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (via his heteronym Álvaro de Campos): “I am nothing, I shall never be anything / I cannot even wish to be anything. / Despite all that, I have within me all the dreams of the world.” The title phrase also appears in the poetry of Walt Whitman, a key influence on Pessoa: “I dream in my dream all the dreams of the other dreamers / And I become the other dreamers.” These words mirror the feelings of creative reverie Serpa & Matos had while composing the music for the album. The singer says: “We felt that this music was making us dream and disconnect somehow from the reality of the outside world – and that seemed to be a positive feeling. For us, to be able to work in this dreamlike state of mind is fundamental to staying creative and happy.”

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