Pledge to pre-order our new album “All The Dreams”!

Dear Friends,

We´re delighted to announce we have a new album coming in. It´s called “All The Dreams” and we recorded it throughout last year between the cold snow of New York and the mild summer of Lisbon.  We´ve gone as far as mixing the music, and now we want to invite you to make part of this new release.

Pledge to Pre-order at

We teamed up with PledgeMusic so we have a platform for our friends, fans and families, to join us while we complete the final touches on the album. Pledge to Pre-order “All The Dreams” and besides being the first to hear the music once it´s ready, you´ll have access to unique updates, videos, photos, notes, etc.

You´ll be able to follow the next important steps but also taking a peek into what we´ve done so far. You can further extend your participation in the new release through some of the exclusive products we have for you.

We look forward for you to join us in this journey!

Pledge to Pre-Order at

We´re donating a percentage of our goal to Doctors Without Borders

Thank you!

Sara and André

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